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Sister Roberts- 11/28/2022

So many highlights from this week! Buckle up, here we go:

Thanksgiving! We went to three houses, one for rolls and games, one for dinner, and one for pie! Good stuff. The members here are so good to us.On Thanksgiving we also volunteered at the Turkey Trot in downtown San Antonio, so much fun. Almost all of the missionaries in the TSAM were there, so that was fun seeing so many friends!!!! 

Brother See shined my shoes for me 🥰🥰 He's so kind. I kinda liked them all scuffed up because it was pretty obvious I've put in a lot of good hard work in them, but now they're all shiny and pretty :)

We got to make tamales with Sister Rios and her friend, Pauline who is literally insane. I love her. She did this whole dance for Jesus, it was great. She was really feelin some type of Spirit. After they found out my companion told them she's a vegetarian they asked if she could have bananas 🥩

... do bananas have meat ? 

We have been having so much success with our member trust!!!! Our dear sweet young women are seriously my favorites. We taught the SR young women lesson on Sunday about missionary work. Those young women are soooo missionary minded and amazing and fun!!!! I love making new friends!!!!!

We also went to one of their basketball games! Brynly's a beast 💫💪

I had my first tacos from Torchy's - that's good stuff. Our ward mission leader wanted to take us so we went! Yum 😋

M I R A C L E S  Y'ALL!!! Wow. We have seen SO MANY! I love it so much. God is soooo good. We have really been seeking and praying for miracles and it's WORKING!!!!! It's almost like God answers prayers??????? If y'all want anything in your life, y'all should really try praying about it.GOD LOVES YOU! 

Please message me! Send miracles! 

❤❤❤ Sister Roberts

15200 Judson Rd.

San Antonio, TX 78247

Us and Pauline x2

Before and after of my shoes

Turkey trot!


The Varney's 💓

Thanksgiving pie spread

A few of my Sister Downer fav pics so far 

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