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Sister Saylor - 11/14/22


• Zone Conference week!! This is where all of the missionaries in a specific geographical area get together to edify and uplift each other through learning together - it is such a party! Sister Holyoak and I gave 2 1/2 trainings to other missionaries, and boy if I am being honest, I think I learned A TON not simply from listening to the messages shared but also from teaching the training topics. The Holy Spirit was moving, hallelujah

• Stake Conference week, as well! This is when all of the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in a large geographical area gather together for a church service! SO GOOD. Consider me enlightened and encouraged, holy cow 🤩

• MY FAVORITE MEMBER FROM LOUISVILLE DROVE TO CRESTWOOD TO SURPRISE ME AT STAKE CONFERENCE! Best. Day. Ever.• Our friend Becky is going crazy to make covenants with God in December! We're STOKED for her, but she definitely needs prayers for the strength to combat the adversary as she gets closer!

• Sister Holyoak completes her mission next week... which means we won't be together anymore (rip)... which also means I'll be training a new Sister AP starting next Tuesday... stay tuned for transfer news next Monday!!

I LOVE THE LORD BIG TIME! Recognizing the need for members of Christ's church to work together in the gathering of Israel was my biggest take away from this week. Just as the strength of a 2x4 increases by 7.6+ times when united with another, we as covenant keepers are strengthened and our efforts are magnified when joined together to introduce the gospel of Jesus Christ to our friends! Now get out there and spread the good news ;))

Sister Saylor

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