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"We appreciate the truth in all churches and the good which they do. We say to the people, in effect, you bring with you all the good that you have, and then let us see if we can add to it." - Gordon B. Hinckley


Our wards (congregations) are defined geographically which allows us to worship and serve within our communities.


Church Locations & Times

Bushard Building.jpeg

Atlanta Building

8702 Atlanta Ave.

Huntington Beach, CA

(Atlanta & Yorktown)

9:00 am

Beachside Congregation

11:00 am

Pacific Shores Congregation

1:00 pm

Young Single Adult Congregation (18-30)

17th Street Building

19191 17th Street

Huntington Beach, CA

(Garfield & Delaware)

8:30 am

Seapoint Congregation

10:00 am

Harper Park Congregation

11:30 am

La Rosa Congregation (Spanish)

12:40 pm

Pleasant View Congregation

Bushard Building

17500 Bushard Street

Fountain Valley, CA

(Bushard & Slater)

9:00 am

Cordata Park Congregation


11:00 am

Mile Square Park Congregation



Mid-Singles Congregation (31-45)