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Elder Ziebarth - 11/2/22

I Have now been a missionary for almost a month and finished my first week here in Mexico. Almost 1/24 way done yewwwwww. It's felt like 3 days and also a lifetime. Mexico MTC has its ups and downs. This place is like the Truman show. It's a dystopian society of missionaries. Also kinda like a prison. Armed guards at the entrance, cameras everywhere, strict schedule, and definitely prison food haha. My days consist of waking up at 6:30 eating what I think is supposed to be breakfast, going to class for 3 hours yelling at some Latinos "HOLAAA COMO ESTAN ELDERES" and then going lunch. After lunch is sick cause we get freetime for like 3 hours so we usually hit the tienda (store) and get like handfuls of junk food for like 3 dollars American. And I get to play some guitar. Then we hit the night class which is fun. The teacher had to make me sit somewhere else 2 days ago in the class because me and elder Wallace laugh to much when we are next to each other. Then go to dinner (I think) then more night class then we go home and sleep. Not much going on here. But trying to make the best of it. Honestly keeping busy is important because the moment you start thinking is the moment you want to go home. I literally thank God everyday that he gave me 2 cool kids in my district Elder Wallace and my companion Elder long. I would have been home by now if it wasn't for them. All 3 of us have our hard days but we lift each other up and keep each other pushing. We definitely try our best at having a good time. Yesterday we switched classrooms because of stuff and the new classroom had super bad seats and everyone was mad. So we had a great idea"Chair Heist" after dinner we ran into the building and went into a unused classroom with good seats and switched all of them into our new room. Me and elder Wallace filmed it on our MTC vlog that we call cleverly "The Vlog". I will let you know next week if we get sent home for it. Luckily we got the whole district to help so wee aarrreee goooodddd. Soo yea that's pretty much it. Just 3 more weeks left till I fly off to Chile. I can't wait to eat a good meal again. Honestly even a McDonald's burger would put me into a coma because how good it would taste. Well I'll send another one of these next week love you all. (Also here are some photos)

1. me and the district 

2. elder long on the left elder Wallace in the middle

3,4. Mtc

5. Mexico city temple

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