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Sister Johnson- 10/10/22

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Hey again! I am not going to lie it has been a long week. We got transfer news on Sunday night (most stressful night of my life) and Sister chappell and I are both staying in Lenoir! Thank goodness because I am not done here! 

Courtney is moving forward amazingly and it is so obvious that the lord is blessing her for choosing him. She was finally able to find a new apartment and so we will be helping her move within the next 2 weeks! She studies the scriptures on her own and loves it! She is happier and less stressed out than before. And she is doing an awesome job of trying to quit smoking. Things are definitely looking up for her! She came to church yesterday and enjoyed it. The relief society was super awesome to her so things are good. She even started calling herself sister courtney or sister Hansen which I thought was really sweet. Keep praying for her though, Satan is still working against her very hard.

Robert is a guy we have been teaching, he loves the book of mormon and told us he knows it is true! We are working towards baptism with him, but we decided to always have someone in the ward with us so that he gets to know people and so that we are being safe. He came to church but didn't have as many people talk to him as Courtney did.

I need to quickly testify that God sees us and answers our prayers! After one of the hardest days of my mission thus far, I was able to call my beautiful parents because it was my mom's birthday. God knew that it was going to be a rough day and because of that he made it so that I could talk to my parents and get the strength I needed to keep going. 

This week has been crazy with transfers happening but we have met some awesome new people that will hopefully have the desire to grow in the gospel. Things are awesome in Lenoir and our teaching pool is growing. This is the true church of Jesus Christ! I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, if it isn't true then the whole thing falls apart. But I promise you all it is! Do you think I would spend my life teaching and studying this book if it wasn't true? I would not! So if you haven't received an answer yet, trust in my testimony and seek to know for yourself. This book brings people to christ and changes life's, I am currently witnessing this. 

I love you all have the best week ever!

This week orange juice made me happy!

Sister Johnson

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