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Sister Roberts 6/27/2022

We had interviews with President Tveten and his wife. They're going home on Wednesday!! So sad :( They really were like mom and dad out here, so it'll be tough, but we get to meet the Fitzgerald's on Thursday and I get to do MLC (mission leadership council) on Friday, so hopefully I get to know the new President a little better there. I'm excited! Change is good. Change brings growth.

We had zone conference this week, and we learned a lot about using the Book of Mormon to respond to objections people have. We get a lot of bashers and objections here, so it's always a good thing to review :) Lots of role plays, lots of learning, lots of tying things back to the Book of Mormon!

Right after zone conference we did exchanges! And I got to go with Sister Doane! My MTC companion! We love her. It was a party. We had a whale of a time

Little shoutout to Sister Doane though- she's awesome. We were both saying it was cool to see how far we've come from the MTC. If anyone here is in the MTC or is going there soon, you really have no idea what you're doing. You may think you've got it going on, but there is so much more to learn. We've grown so much! And I seriously learn so much more than I give on exchanges, it's embarrassing. I should probably be better at the whole STL thing. This is one of those situations where God calls someone for them to grow, not because they're fit for the job and can do it perfectly. I've got more to go, but I'm doin it! I'm growing!

Okay so Sister Doane and I decided to do some stop bys and our VERY FIRST person was a woman who had been very active in the church years ago, but had some questions that she decided to throw at us, one after the other. Classic stuff. BUT we had just role played how to deal with this situation for an hour JUST before we went to her house! So we nailed it! Left a Book of Mormon, invited her to read and pray, will send updates.

The youth in the stake had youth conference, and we were invited to join them in their service project on Saturday morning. One leader said, "It's going to be nice today because it's only supposed to get up to 92 today!" To be fair, it has been in the 100s (I heard we broke some kind of record for the most 100+ days in June or something?? I don't know), so 92 was nicER than it could be, but 92 was not nice. We were out in the sun at Canyon Lake clearing horse trails , and those horses better appreciate them because we were drippinnnggggg by the end. That was not nice. Service is nice!!! Hot sun is not nice. Yes mom, I wore sunscreen

At dinner last night we were sitting on the couch and I was talking with Brother Allen, and I was asking about his kids. They have a son, Zach who is 23 and has special needs, and we were talking about him. All of a sudden the dad just goes, "Oh yeah, he might try to kiss you. You're blonde enough. He always goes for the blondes."


He did not try to give me a kiss. I did not get close enough.

But also he's adorable and was singing "My Girl" all of dinner, good song choice I will say.

I think that's all for this week!!!! Hopefully I have better updates for y'all next week, especially with the new Mission President! Maybe he won't let us email home and you won't hear from me for another 9 months, who knows!

Talk to you next week :)

Sister Roberts

Horse trail before the clean up

Canyon Lake

Me n Sista Doane (circa -- first day at Provo MTC)

Me n Sister Doane over 8 months later !!


Note we found in a hymn book

A 3 year old gave me a picture in sacrament meeting "it's doors"

10 year old Makaya drew a picture of me. I'm flattered...


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