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Sister Roberts - June 13, 2022

So I'm back in my old stomping grounds!! It's so weird to be back. I am writing this email from my old church's family history center computer. Major deja vu here. But it's good! It's fun!! I'm still readjusting to covering multiple wards, but I feel like once you do 3 covering any more is dinero fácil

Sundays are as crazy as ever! In Kerrville I was so spoiled, I actually got to have lunch on Sunday! Now we are at the church from 7:30 until 4 guaranteed, plus more time if we feel like it.

The area has been treating me well, people here in Texas in general are very kind. We aren't teaching anyone, and don't really have a great pool of candidates, so it's going to be a lot of starting the area up and getting it going... Sounds familiar... Almost like... that's been every single one of my areas so far...

My mission is teaching me to love finding, that's for sure.

But we did find someone! 3 people, actually!! This area has an average of 0.25 people found per transfer, so we found 3 people on my first day in the area. It was awesome!! I would like it known that I really didn't have much to do with it, though. They're a part-member family where just the dad is a member, so we were able to introduce ourselves and teach them, and they want us to come back and do scripture studies with them. So exciting!!! And the two daughters came to church on Sunday!!!!!!!!!

Also, one of the women the elders are teaching loves the sisters, so we had lunch with her on Friday and basically put her on date for them ahaha

Our apartment is slowly being invaded by roly polys, to the extent that I had a dream about it last night. Ask my companion, I yelled at her in my sleep last night about it.

Okay so now for the really really really exciting news y'all want to hear. DAVIS GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!!!!!! He is the newest member of the church :):):):):)

It was cool because we all got to call in and watch from our new areas. Davis was found by Sister Downer and another sister, who got transferred a week after that. Then Sister Downer and a new sister taught him for two weeks and put him on baptismal date, and then me and that sister switched, so I got to teach him for 4 weeks with Sister Downer, and to top if all off two different sisters came to the area this week and were there for his baptism! It takes an army. Army of Helaman

It's crazy how strongly you can feel the Spirit over a Facebook Messenger call. He is seriously so amazing, can't wait to see him grow and progress even more!! Temple pics with Davis coming probably soon ;)

It was a good week, and this one is going to be even better!! Love y'all lots, have a good one :)

Sister Roberts

Picture pictures !!

Me and Sister Torres

Held a snake !!

Us and Davis

Said goodbye to the Relief Society ladies

Us and the Kerrville ward missionary crew

Saying goodbye to the Carlson family

Baptism pics!!!!!!!!


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