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Sister Saylor - Week 10


  • TWO OF OUR FRIENDS ASKED US IF THEY COULD FOLLOW JESUS'S EXAMPLE BY BEING BAPTIZED WITH PRIESTHOOD AUTHORITY! They totally beat us to it- baptismal dates for Josh and Rose are coming soon hallelujah!

  • Speaking of baptism... BRIDGET WAS BAPTIZED ON TUESDAY! She wanted to hold her baptism in Reno, Nevada so that her bestie could be there. Sister Murph and I gave talks (speeches) about the symbolism of baptism with authority & about receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost via Zoom

  • Officially finished my first transfer (6 weeks) in the mission woohoo

  • 3 of our friends came with us to church yesterday #bless

  • So. Many. Bible. Bashers. This. Week. I deserve the challenge though, been there done that- this is where I formally apologize to all of my previous elders for all the stereotypes I accused you of ahaha

Elder Hughes (pictured below with my lavender) said something super eye opening to me yesterday when explaining why he decided to serve a mission. It's a long story, but he made a point that the high school state football championship meant the entire world to him, and how when he tore his MCL right before- he felt as though God had not kept up His side of the bargain (allowing Elder Hughes to be healthy and play well, if he read His Book of Mormon everyday). In the end, Elder Hughes learned a few lessons about relationships with God, Heavenly Father gifted him with a miracle, and he ended up being able to play. What truly stuck in my heart was when he said, "You [the rest of the world] didn't know about the game. God did, though. As miniscule as it was, He knew it meant everything to me."

That is SO correct- God's love is so incredibly individualized toward us! It wouldn't have mattered if it was a high school football game or some sort of worldwide broadcast- He is the one who laces dreams within our hearts, meaning it is His JOY to bring them to pass! God longs to gift us with miracles, but how often do we find ourselves in a place with enough courage to ask for one?

"Ask, and ye shall receive; knock, and it shall be opened unto you" (Mark 9:45, John 16:24, Enos 1, 3 Nephi 27:29, Doctrine & Covenants 4, 49, 66, 88, 103). When our heart is in a righteous space, we should never be afraid to ask God to reveal Himself. My favorite thing to pray is: "God, show me again just how much you love me"

Definitely the longest email of my mission so far, yikes. Adios a todos, Sister Saylor xx


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