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Sister Roberts 6/6/2022

This was a pretty good week! We got transfer news today... I'm leaving again?!?!

So, with this upcoming transfer being my 6th transfer of my mission, this makes 5 areas and 6 companions (7 if you count the MTC) in 6 transfers. That's NUTS! Guess I keep doing something wrong. Or something right? I don't know.

I'm going to be an STL too

Basically I get to make sure all of the sisters in my area are doing okay :)

So I'm going to Indian Springs/Encino Park/Cibolo Hills/Evans Ranch wards. Yes, you read that right. I've been upgraded to FOUR WARDS. You're kidding???? Not kidding.

It's also basically the exact same area as where I spent two weeks and got emergency transferred out of. I'll get to go on exchanges with all of my friends that I just left! It should be fun!

We took Davis on a tour of the temple on Saturday!! It was pretty cool, the temple President introduced himself and talked to him for a while, and we got to show Davis around the outside. The Spirit is SO strong on the grounds of the House of the Lord. It's amazing!!

Davis is getting baptized this Saturday !! Me and my companion are both being transferred on Thursday !! Kinda sad but we're happy for him!!!! And we'll see him in the temple :)

We had a cool experience with our friend Peggy! We were pulling up to her trailer park, and planning on stopping by Peggy and Renee, who live two streets apart. My companion turned to me and asked if we should go to Renee's or Peggy's first, and I felt like it's Peggy we needed to do first, so we did! As we pulled up she was on her way out of the driveway, so we pulled up and she said she was going on her evening walk. And we got to join her! It was impeccable timing. Like no coincidences kind of timing.

FOLLOW. YOUR. PROMPTINGS. Don't make God tell you something twice.

I still see SO many animals here. So many chickens, goats, horses, cows, deer (and baby deer!!!!!!!), buffalo, antelopes (yes, antelopes), zebra (you heard me correctly), and probab;y others I'm forgetting. SO MANY ANIMALS!!

I love all y'all. And I really love Jesus Christ. And I also really love my mission!! Wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Have SUCH a great week!!!!

Sister Roberts

Pictures :)


Pretty sunset shoutout to Sister Downer for the cute pic

Said goodbye to the Forsberg's

Funny sign

The Martin's have a pet deer

Us at the temple!!

Us and Davis at the temple!!

This is my friend, Ben. We took pictures of each other :)

Us and our produce

Our favorite gals Anna and Emma feat. turtle


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