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Sister Roberts 5/30/2022

Alright we started off really strong this week! We had exchanges, so I got to go into San Antonio !! My companion for the day Sister Killpack (bless her heart) was driving for the first time on her mission and ran over something that popped the tire So we pulled over on the side of the freeway and I changed it

Did you hear that dad? I CHANGED A TIRE ALL BY MYSELF. IN A DRESS. ON THE SIDE OF THE FREEWAY. #girlpower thank you very much :)

We visited our friend Gena in the hospital, she's the sweetest thing ever!! She has such amazing faith and loves God through all of her trials. Everyone needs to be like Gena.

We said a sweet goodbye to the Forsberg's this week. They are the senior couple serving here in Kerrville, and they're going home tomorrow!! They just got called to be the temple president and matron of the Hartford, Connecticut temple!! Y'all best believe I'm heading out there when my mission's over. We're very excited to meet the new senior couple (the Hodges') tomorrow, though!

We celebrated 3 birthdays with people this week!

  1. Kristen, a 2 year old. Birthday party at the splash pad. Good ol' classic kids birthday party fun.

  2. Sister Deaton, 81 years old! She was getting her hair done in the salon after doing her nails that morning. To quote her: "Once I get my hair done here, it's all over for the old men." She's right.

  3. Sister Zieve, 93!!!! She's amazing. And she's so cute! She said she hasn't had a birthday party like that in years, and boy did we party! Not really, we just sat on the couch and chatted and then had cake on the balcony. A good party though!

Nicholas is amazing. He loves the gospel and he went on a 10 minute rant hyping missionaries up. To all you missionaries who actually read this email, which is usually none of you, Nicholas has invited us to take 5 minutes to recognize how many lives we change. It's kind of a cool experience, do that!!

Davis is still planning on being baptized on June 11th, keep him in your prayers as well!!

We went to the Tivy High School graduation to be there for our friend, Elle! She had a rough life and didn't have anyone there to support her... EXCEPT US!!!! We were THERE for our girl!!! she's amazing, I'm so proud of her.

Kindof cool miracle this week: We read the talk, "We Heeded Them Not" (I think that's what it's called?) from Elder Bednar in this last General Conference and talked with Davis about it and the tree of life and the song it references a lot, which is "Let us All Press On." Guess what song we sang in church the VERY NEXT DAY?????? The Spirit of God!! And Let us All Press On!! ahah gotcha there but it was way cool. He caught it before we did! God knows each of us.

Prayer roll:

  • Gena

  • Davis

  • Nicholas

  • The people of Uvalde, the was a devastating incident this week that is affecting everyone all over the world, but especially here in Texas. It's about an hour and a half from Kerrville, so we are all safe here, but definitely feeling the emotional stress from what happened.

  • Renee!! She is a woman we are teaching who found out niece was one of the children killed.

  • The Hodges

  • The Forsberg's

  • Literally anyone else you can think of. We all need prayers right now.

Thank you so much for the constant love and support! Missions are awesome, the church is true, Jesus Christ loves us :)

Sister Roberts

Pics pics pics!!

Sister Deaton, the queen

Sister Zieve, another queen

Elle's graduation !! It started at 8 so we didn't have time to stay to the end to take pics :/

Street pic :)

District lunch with the Forsbergs

The 'strict


Sister Killpack and her tire

Me after successfully backing the car

Me and comp Sister Downer


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