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Sister Roberts - 6/20/2022

Something I forgot to mention from my dear time in Kerrville!! I ate deer meat tacos.They were pretty good. I miss Kerrville.

We met a man named Brother Jon who is amazing. He told us about his missionary that baptized him, and he mentioned that he lost contact with his elder! So now I'm on a hunt for this elder. So, if anyone knows a polynesian elder that served in the New York South mission in 2004, hit me up. Cool! It was really awesome. The Spirit hit me like a WALL and was like, "You are going to find his missionary." So it's going to happen!! If you've got the info, let me know!

We had some cool miracles this week! We had dinner with a family named the McCarters, who lived in Anaheim California and knew my grandparents!! They said some very kind things, and I had to inform them that they passed away, but they really were amazing. I also totally cried when she was talking about them, and it was funny, the elders had no idea how to deal with a crying girl, so one of them frantically grabbed a roll of paper towels and handed it to me. Good job, elders.

Another cool miracle!! We were planning on doing some contacts at a park, which was right outside of a gated community. We pulled up and like the Red Sea, the gates parted. It was nuts. So we were like, "Guess someone in here needs us," so we went in and found a woman's records and said hello! Turns out she asked the elders to come over to move her bed for her, and they were 40 minutes late, so we did it for them! It was cool to be a part of God's plan. He made sure His work got done when they fell short. He used us!! We were instruments!!! So cool!!!!!!!

I also did my first exchange as a ~Sister Training Leader~ this week! It's really nothing fancy, especially since I did it with Sister Goff, my companion when I was last in this area1 It was fun :) We partied hard, got the work done, just like old times

I love my life! I love Texas! I love God! I love the hill country! I love cowboys! I love the Book of Mormon! I love y'all! I love my Heavenly Father! Happy Father's Day to him, and to my earthly dad too! Heavenly Father gave us a TREAT last night for father's day with the most beautiful sky ever.

Man, I love being a missionary.

Love y'all SOOOOOOOO much!! Have a great week :)

Morgan's Wonderland

Moving the bed

pretty sky

pretty sky again

selfie with Sister Torres

Felt like Mike Wazowski

Me n daddio


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