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Sister Saylor - Week 31

Brothers and Sisters!

• MOM LOOK! (Backstory: I've consecutively asked Santa Claus for a hedgehog straight up for the last 5 years in a row 👀) Definitely haven't had a happier day on the mission than yesterday when meeting Violet xoxo

• Had my first Mission Leadership Council (MLC) this week! Talk about a spiritual feast.

• More exchanges! This week, Sister Leifson came to Sister Holyoak and I's area with me for 24 hours. From her, I was able to see charity (the pure love of Christ) in action. Holy moly, she is the most personable, Christ-centered individual I have ever met 🥲

We had a member from one of the wards Sister Holyoak and I serve in come with us to a lesson to teach our friend Becky more about Jesus! Let me tell all of you- there is POWER in the name of Jesus and there is POWER when we testify of His goodness and truth. I encourage you all to find a way this week to ACT upon the faith that you have by declaring it- whether that be to your family or a friend or a neighbor or your hedgehogs. Take some time to build up your testimony / the testimonies of those around you by sharing. Most of you know the song This Little Light of Mine ;)

Sister Saylor

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