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Elder Orgill - 10/31/22

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Como vamos      

This week was good, it still has been raining every single day. We got transfer news, and I am staying with my son Elder Lopez another transfer! Due to some missionaries going home, there will be some emergency transfers in a few weeks, we'll see what happens! We got two new sisters in the district, one from Peru and one from Mexico. A few days ago, somebody said I was from Germany and would not believe that I was from California haha.  

Remember those less-active members who live in a cave thing I talked about last week? The relief society organized a mini food drive, and we brought a fat bag of food over to Mario and his dad! We brought our recent convert Angel along with us for the day, he was a little quiet but enjoyed seeing what we do as missionaries.      

After five weeks of saying that she would do it, our friend Sandra finally came to church yesterday! She really enjoyed it because there was like a primary program thing where all the kids sang and gave their testimonies!! One little boy threw up on the side of the pulpit after bearing his testimony, he must have felt the spirit or something. A few days ago, we also had a stake Halloween party and brought our friend Sandra #2! It was fun and we all dressed up as missionaries.      

Because we are 10,000 feet up and my area is just a steep hill, I haven't run in like 3 months. Lopez suggested that we went on a run, and we ran for like 30 minutes up and down, up, and down. I almost died haha, I was coughing all day after that. It's really cold here in ciudad bolivar, especially in the morning and at night.    

Because I'm staying here for a few more weeks, we are going to see a lot of progress! We have a few people we are teaching, a lot of them are getting flaky.     

I really like Alma 17: 2-3, when all of the sons of Mosiah find each other and are super happy because they were all still brothers in God! I read it and thought about all my friends that are on the mission too, it made me happy. I am doing good out here, a tiny bit more than 8 months left and still going strong. Thank you for all the love guys, bye 

-Elder Orgill

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