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Sister Johnson - 10/3/22

Courtney has decided to make covenants with God on October 29th! Courtney is this awesome lady who lives in a tiny little home. When we first met her she asked us to pray with her and we got talking a little bit about the Book of Mormon. She had already read some of it and decided that she didn't want to ask God if it was true because she thought it couldn't be true. This was years ago. When we talked to her about it she told us that she had since acted in faith and believed that it was all true. Our first visit, she testified to us that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the Book of Mormon was true! Honestly, Sister chappell and I were skeptical so we asked her what she believed was true. Then she literally explained to us in a decent amount of detail the first vision and how Joseph Smith obtained the plates! She told us that she needed a hip replacement and that she need to quit smoking to do that. We told her we would help her. Just this week we invited her to pray about baptism and she told us that she felt like that was what God wanted her to do! We are continuing to teach her and she is already changed so much. She is currently praying out loud during our lessons and learning how to repent daily. It is the most beautiful thing to watch her grow and become more like our savior. Keep her in your prayers, Satan is trying to stop her!

As some of you may have heard, Hurricane Ian was headed for NC. This was especially stressful because Ava and Ana's baptism was on Saturday and their Dad was flying in from Texas to baptize them. With the hurricane we didn't know if he would make it or if half the people on our program would make it. Through a lot of prayers the hurricane did not hit us harder than a heavy rain storm and the dad made it along with all the people in our program. It was a beautiful day and it worked out how it was supposed to do.

How awesome was general conference?! I am so excited to go and study it some more. I think one of my favorite parts was when we were challenged to dare to be different. As disciples of Jesus Christ we cannot blend in because we are striving to become like him, and frankly we don't want to. The way we act is an opportunity to share testimony of who we are trying to become like. So dare to stand alone for christ, dare to say no, dare to be kind, and dare to make it known. My friends, are you doing all you can to participate in the gathering of Israel? We an each improve. I've said it before and I will say it again, this is the greatest work that we can be apart of, so be apart of it.

I love you all! Have the best week ever!

Sister Johnson

This week donkeys made me happy.

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