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Jesus loves me and I love Him therefore he is my Valentine

Apparently I'm a sassy sleeper. Earlier this week I woke up and my neck hurt sooo bad because I didn't have a pillow! It disappeared??? Turns out the night before my companion was moving around in bed a lot so I sat up (still sleeping I promise I don't remember any of this) and told her she should stop moving and threw my pillow at her. ***Here's the kicker: she thought I was awake and dead serious so she was so upset that she didn't give me my pillow back. Funny story and it's fine now and we've cleared up that I wasn't aware of my actions and totally all good. Maybe that was my subconscious though I don't know. Good luck to her and my future companions though sorry I'm a mean sleeper hehe

Elder Kyle S McKay of the Seventy came to visit the mission, and it was so so cool! He's awesome. We had a meeting with him on Friday at 9am and then again at 2:30. At the morning session he basically pumped us UP for missionary work. Then he was basically like, "Okay, so we have 4 hours until our next meeting. Let's go work SO HARD and BAPTIZE THE WHOLE CITY OF SAN ANTONIO!!!!!" We were RIOTING. It was awesome. Kidding but that was what was going on in my head just like heck yeAH missionary work here we go!! So we found 3 people in 4 hours. Don't mean to brag but 3 people in a whole week is more than they usually find in this area. So we KILLED it. And we're gonna KEEP killing it! That was something he talked about in the second session. The commitment we made at the end of the first session is not over. That commitment to work hard doesn't end after the four hours. It doesn't even end when you step off the plane at home! Be a missionary for LIFE. Our purpose as missionaries extends to members, which includes US as members of the church when we go home. So go crazy and keep going crazy until your last day on this earth!!

I have a new boyfriend named George. He's 7 and his favorite primary song is I Am a Child of God. He taught me how to sing it- so cute!!\

I'm sorry I don't have many stories this week, but happy Valentine's Day y'all!!

Sister Roberts


Sister Stephens' grandma sent us all Valentine's chocolates (smiling and a silly one because we're so silly)


Pee Limit

Conference with Elder McKay *Waldo emoji*

Members have a dove


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