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Rootinest Tootinest Cowgirl in the Wild Wild West 🤠

Okay! Here we are! So I'm on the west side of the city in the Timber Ridge, Braun Heights and San Antonio 3rd wards. It's a bit of an adjustment coming from the east side. In my last area, the people were a lot more humble, let's just put it that way. My teaching pool went down from 20 plus people to less than 10. Finding work is definitely slower here, but I've been told by at least three people that the reason I'm here is to pick it up a little bit. Apparently it's a little too slow for it's potential and they're expecting me to come in and light this place up! Which I kinda have They hadn't found anyone in weeks and I showed up and found 4 people in 2 two days soooooo that's awesome. The work begins.

Now that I'm out of my last area I can share a story I heard that a missionary was shot and killed in San Antonio Texas in like the 80's or something. I'm totally botching this story buuuuuut that was in the Woodlake ward :) I miss it so much.

Saying goodbye was hard, really only with Pam, though. She really has so much potential and I can see what she is going to become someday. It's just sad that I won't be here to watch it all play out! When I went to her house she fell into my arms and cried. You know that Bible video of Jesus healing a man and he just falls into him and cries and they sink to the ground together? It went exactly like that except no kneeling down part. It was a very sad moment. But I know missionaries in the future will do great things!!

The members in this new area are so great! They loooooooove sister missionaries so we get fed and treated really well! I also absolutely LOVE the youth everywhere, so every time we have dinner with a member family with youth it's the best thing ever. I'm still trying to convince Sister Deinert that going to Young Women's is a good use of our time. The youth have the BEST missionary opportunities!!! I hope they realize that. And if nothing else, I want them to see that some sister missionaries CAN be normal and cool and they can go on missions. (not saying that I'm a cool missionary but that's definitely what I'm saying )

Sister Deinert is from Bountiful, UT and I definitely am going to have to work on adjusting to a new companion. That's all I will say. I love my roommates!! They are Sisters Wolfe and Stephens. It's so nice to be with other missionaries!!! Love it.

On my very first day here we got a referral from a woman we're teaching! He lives on the other side of the town but she went on to say he o=just got out of jail and needs God in his life, so we were like well absoLUTELY WE CAN DO THAT!! She went on to tell us that he's now out of jail, he smokes a lot, and he has skulls in his closet. Cool!

This woman we're teaching is Shiloh (Shy). She's like 95% blind so we read the scriptures to her. Yesterday we went over and when she opened the door she was so scared to talk to us. She told us her church is coming to San Antonio and having a baptism day and she got a ticket so she's not going to be baptized into our church. She was afraid we were going to walk away! Definitely did not do that. It's about helping people come closer to Christ, not a numbers game! So we still read the Bible to her and talked and she talked about how amazing we are for staying. It was way cool! And sad. If you have to buy a ticket to beat people into the water and there's a chance that your baptism day can be "sold out" it doesn't seem genuine. I don't know shouldn't it be that everyone should have the chance to have this "Come to Jesus" moment? Doesn't sit right with me that there were a limited number of openings for baptism into this church. I don't know. Whatever works for them I guess.

I love Texas!! The people are awesome. Life is good! And God is SO good!!

Love you all :)

Sister Roberts

Also at this point, sending out a new address each time I move will be exhausting so I'm just gonna leave my mission home addy here and that way it will never change :)

15200 Judson Rd.

San Antonio, TX


Yay pictures!!

The roomies

We had dinner with the Andersons yesterday and Brother Anderson mentioned his plants and I was like "Hey I like succulents!" And then he spent 15 minutes straight talking about his collection

The elders gave us leftover bread sticks from Olive Garden

Last goodbye with Sister Stoddard

Last picture with the district


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