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Sister Saylor - Week 11


JOSH & ROSE COMMITTED THEIR HEARTS TO BEING BAPTIZED IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST HALLELUJAH! July is about to be a month of MIRACLES & celebrations in Heaven. PLEASE PRAY WITH US that, if this is God's plan, July will play out as follows:

  1. July 15th: Jacie's baptism

  2. July 16th: Rose's baptism

  3. July 17th: Josh's baptism

  4. July 31st: Kandyce's baptism

  • We introduced our little buddies to the Gospel Library app in Kinyarwanda (their native language) and they went ballistic ahaha

  • Rose came to church with us, meaning she physically left her home for the first time in 14 years. Talk about a sure witness of truth, if she's willing to swallow her anxiety all for the sake of attending sacrament :,) Kandyce came too!

Yesterday was Father's Day! Being a father is a HUGE responsibility that cannot be performed perfectly in this lifetime. Fathers are designed by our Heavenly Father to lead the home in righteousness, to support and uplift their family, and to love abundantly. Big task, am I right? Aren't we so fortunate to have the Supreme Being demonstrating the role of a father + the family dynamic for us? Scriptures are FULL of example after example of His goodness, His overflowing love, His neverending providence. Holy moly, what a guy!!

I challenge you to spend some time with your Heavenly Father today. Just like your earthly father- He is waiting for a conversation, He is waiting for scripture studies together, He is waiting to joke around :)

Feel free to send Bath & Bodyworks wallflowers our way... we've had enough of our neighboring apartment's smell coming through the walls

Until next time,

Sister Saylor xx


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