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Sister Saylor - 8/7/2023


Sister Naomi Memmott has joined us here in Evansville, Indiana! Spreading Christ's light with two companions has been nothing less than a BLAST! This is the start of my fourth and final transfer here - crazy to think that my mission is made of up three areas (Louisville, KY / Crestwood, KY / Evansville, IN) that have grown ever so near and dear to my heart! The next 22 days will be the best yet, I promise.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to bear my testimony of Jesus's love for you and me in both the Evansville Ward (congregation) and Mount Vernon Branch (smaller congregation). I live for 4 straight hours of church every Sunday, as I have been able to do so for one straight year - not sure how I'm planning on filling my Sundays when I go home to just one sacrament meeting every week... haha church is a party and the Holy Spirit is always present!

As I shared the things I know to be true in both church meetings, I reflected on the fact that Heavenly Father wants us to come unto Christ, but not to come alone! Because I have been on the most wonderfully difficult and sometimes painful experience of a life time (or in other words, serving a full-time 18 month mission), I have been able to come unto Christ in a very personal way WITH the people I have had the opportunity to share the gospel with! The covenant path is not meant to be a solo experience! Jesus is THE BEST.

Okay, let me get off my soapbox. Have the best week everyone! And happy wedding week to Kayli soon-to-be Landvatter! 🙈🤭✨️

Sister Saylor

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