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Sister Saylor - 7/17/2023


Sister Walker (who served as a historic Sister missionary in Kirtland, Ohio last summer, hoping to one day work for the Church History Department) is my walking and talking history textbook - between her and 1820 The Musical, I am now an ever-growing wealth of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints history knowledge ;)

Sister McFarland, a new Marshallese sister missionary, and I got to party it up here in Evansville for a day! My hands down, 100000% favorite part of my call to serve as a Sister Training Leader for the last seven transfers is EXCHANGES! I take full advantage of learning from each sister I get to spend a day with. Missionaries for Jesus Christ are POWERHOUSES!

My heart is SO full from this past week! We went to Crestwood, KY (where I served as a social media missionary for six months)! While there, Sister Walker and I went to the temple! I have always always always had the deepest appreciation and reverence for Heavenly Father's house; however, there is additional measure of value added this time, as we live two hours away instead of two minutes. I have made some pretty special promises with God as to how I will live my life for Him and how I will treasure our relationship for absolutely ever, and the best part is that He has made some sacred promises to ME and He is who He says He is - a promise keeper!

Also! My friend, Rose, from way back in my training hit one year of baptism yesterday!

Six pdays left! Update: I'm still going strong! Please keep me accountable for anti-trunkiness...

Sister Saylor :)

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