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Sister Saylor - 6/19/2023

Hi everyone!

Our friend Bill has decided to take the next step in His relationship with the Lord, and will be working towards BAPTISM on July 15th, 2023! 🎉 Sister Strong and I are constantly in prayer that he will receive the strength and further confirmation needed to make some special promises with God on that very special day!

Fun fact: With our brand new mission president coming in next week, the Kentucky Louisville Mission actually did not get transfer phone calls this Saturday, but will be getting the calls on Wednesday! Meaning this time next week, I will have a new companion that I still have no idea about! Exciting times ahaha

Brothers and sisters! The joy of the Lord is our STRENGTH! I cannot believe just how wonderful our Father is. I had extra special gratitude in my heart this Father's Day for my Maker, as I reflected on the happiness He provides that does not fleet. Sister Strong and I were able to spend our Father's Day dinner with a family from our church congregation, and as the spiritual thought we shared at the end- we decided to write down every name for and attribute of Heavenly Father that we could think of in a short minute or two. Twenty-nine names and attributes later, we all got on our knees to say a united prayer that God would remind our hearts again that He truly is every name and attribute on that whiteboard. I have a witness that God really is who He says He is. True, just, merciful, hilarious, gentle, Abba.

If you are unsure of who God really is, reach out!

🤍 Sister Saylor

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