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Sister Saylor - 5/29/2023

Our friends William, Alyssa, Kelsie, Amber, Annie, and Gabe have all begun learning about Jesus Christ and His restored gospel this week! Any and all prayers for their hearts as they let the Spirit move in their lives would be so appreciated!

Sister Strong and I have been THRIVING! Testifying of the Lord left and right, making memories left and right, participating in service projects left and right, hitting up Pangea Kitchen left and right. I absolutely love where I am, who I am missionary companions with, and who we get to testify of in the process (Jesus!). I know that Evansville, Indiana is exactly where God has asked me to give my heart, soul, and energy for Him right now! I have twelve weeks left in the mission field as a young, full-time missionary! Do not worry everyone, my head and my heart are still very much in the game 🙌 However, I would like to request some prayers in the meantime! I want to go out RUNNING! I do not want to slow down - I only want to use every minute left to show the Lord just how much I love Him and just how grateful I am that He allowed ME to accept this same gospel that we teach not even three years ago. Extra prayers for enduring to the end would make me so happy!

Have the best week!

Sister Saylor

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