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Sister Saylor - 5/1/2023


Transfer calls are this weekend! Sister Strong and I are not ready... We know that the Lord always puts us where we are needed and who we are needed with, but man, the last 6 weeks will have felt like make believe if one of us leaves Evansville, Indiana!

Together, Sister Strong and I have been learning lots about the significance of preparation. Preparation for lessons, preparation for safety, preparation for post-mission education, preparation for finances, preparation for marriage, preparation for cooking, preparation for manual labor - literally, you name it, we're learning it.

I have come to know throughout my lifetime, however, that the most meaningful preparations I can ever make are my preparations for seeing and being with my Heavenly Father again :) I know that this life is a time to prepare to meet God; I so strongly desire to meet my Maker face to face and know Him already. I want to spend my years, days, minutes, and breaths learning what it means to be a daughter of the King. If there is ever a day where any of you see me slacking on this covenant path, each and every one of you have my permission to correct me instantaneously ahaha

I know that Jesus LIVES! I know that we are children of the loving Heavenly Father! I know that Their love is free!

Sister Saylor 🤍

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