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Sister Saylor - 4/17/2023


Fiona was baptized! She made special promises (covenants) with God, yay! I know that is the best decisions of her life, just as it is my best decisions!

I got the opportunity to spend 24 hours with Sister Sandburg! She is a Karen speaking missionary serving here in the Evansville Zone! Sister Strong and I also got to give a training to her and her fellow local missionaries using marshmallows #party!

This week I have been learning a lot of what "grace" means to me! One of my favorite humans ever in the whole wide entire world, Sister Emily Belle Freeman, seems to always know how to summarize this word best:

"Grace is an invitation to come as you are. Grace is the promise that there is still room. Grace is radical generosity. Grace is a place at the table."

I know that Jesus Christ is grace. I know that He is truth. I know that He is life. I know that grace has no limitations and that grace is a gift to those willing to receive. I know that God loves effort, and every second trying is worth the hussle :)

Sister Saylor

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