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Sister Saylor - 3/27/2023

TRANSFERS!I AM HEADING TO EVANSVILLE, INDIANA TO SERVE WITH THE SISTER PENINA STRONG (my very first ever companion while we were in missionary training) AS SISTER TRAINING LEADERS OF THE EVANSVILLE ZONE! We all knew this day was coming. Together we will hit our one year mark of 24/7 discipleship for Jesus!

In my time in Crestwood, I have learned diligence in ways that I had never understood prior, and have been allowed to practice leadership far beyond what I thought my capabilities were. I know that social media really is a tool that God only allows to work in order for His purposes to be magnified. I have loved being the Kentucky Louisville Mission's Digital Finding & Teaching Coordinator AND Social Media Leader! I'm burning for new adventures, though 🍀

While bearing my testimony yesterday in one of the congregations we are missionaries for, a sentence came out of my mouth that shocked myself: "Sometimes I do not understand why God cares so much about 'the one' (Luke 15), but I am so lucky He does, as I was 'the one' just two years ago." I do not know where that came from, but amen. How blessed are we to have a Father in Heaven who is so desperate for our return to Him? I LOVE GOD!

Catch y'all in Indiana!

Sister Saylor :)

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