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Sister Saylor - 3/20/2023

Brothers and sisters, I have a story to tell:

A long long long time ago (back in the Fall of 2020), I, myself, was taught about Christ's gospel by Christ's missionaries. Fast forward to March of 2023, I am serving as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to help others come unto Christ, as I had been helped a couple of years ago. Here's the plot twist, though - I was not just called to serve anywhere, I was called to serve in the exact same mission that one of the missionaries who taught me is from! Good ole Kentucky. Enjoy the pictures from our reunion after two years of my baptism 🥳

Sister Larsen, Sister Saxton, and I traveled the mission this week, giving social media trainings at zone conferences (big missionary gatherings) across the Kentucky Louisville Mission! It was a party being able to repeatedly testify that if Christ had social media or a smart phone, then He would use it righteously! I have loved my last six months serving as the mission's Social Media Leader! Crazy to think I only have one week left here in Crestwood!

I know that Christ is apart of every detail in this missionary work! I cannot believe that Christ loves me enough to let me be apart of His family! I know that He loves you, too!

For all of my indie-folk worship fans out there:

Sister Saylor :)

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