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Sister Saylor - 2/20/2023

This week was genuinely the longest week of my entire mission, but still a party! The trio life is A BLAST!

My favorite invitation I will be taking this week comes straight from Jesus Christ, found in Matthew 6. While sharing a discourse known as the Sermon on the Mount, Christ spends time emphasizing prayer culture and routines. I was #inspired to elevate my prayer routine. Drive-by prayers are an all too easy malpractice to catch ourselves in; therefore, this week I will be taking any action necessary to make my little moments in conversation with God actually conversational, as opposed to handing him my daily laundry list :) Feel free to join me! Man, I love Christ's gospel. So much.

This upcoming week involves two exchanges, a temple trip, and my two year baptism anniversary woohoo 🤭

Sister Saylor

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