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Sister Saylor - 2/13/2023

Get ready for transfer news...

WE ARE BECOMING A TRIO! Sister Saxton heads to Crestwood, KY tomorrow! She reminds me so much of my friend Micaiah from high school 🎉

Oh also, breaking news: after three years of COVID cautions, tracting (door knocking) is back... I will keep my thoughts to myself... prayers for softened hearts in Kentucky would be appreciated 😇🤣

This week, I have focused my personal studies on figuring out what it means to live the "higher law," as introduced by Jesus Christ! Matthew 5, in the New Testament of the Bible, has given us SO many tips on how elevated behaviors can pull our hearts out of dangerous places. I have learned that the higher law emphasizes the condition of your heart while performing actions of obedience to God's commandments, as opposed to the "righteousness" of rule following out of obligation. Pretty cool stuff.

We get to serve the best members! Everyone was afraid that I was out of here after this transfer, so we had three different pre-birthday dinners - one including 21st birthday virgin pina coladas ahaha.

Cheers to another six weeks in Crestwood! By the end of this upcoming transfer, I will have spent six months here!

Sister Saylor :)

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