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Sister Saylor - 1/30/2023

Happy last couple of days of January!

The past two weeks have been a party - three exchanges in less than seven days! I got to be an Hermana, kick it in a trio, and learn from a former Sister Training Leader all week! Consider me exhausted. Also, lots of meetings, LOTS of filming, lots of editing videos. Crestwood, KY is a dream 🙌

I have spent extra amounts of time studying the Old and New Testament recently! I cannot believe how many things Heavenly Father has been communicating to us all the way from the days of Adam to now! We are so lucky to be in a time and place where we have access to ancient and modern guidance, holy moly. I honestly pray that my learning bug never leaves me, this mission experience has been the most enlightening time of my 20 years so far :)

Sister Saylor

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