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Sister Saylor - 1/2/2023

Happy New Year!

I got to spend Tuesday with Hermana Peine chilling here in Crestwood, and then I got to boogie over to Shlebyville, KY to spend the day with Sister Winkel! I have come to realize that each missionary carries a different Fruit of the Spirit with them, enabling ME to work on recognizing the Holy Ghost's help in so many different ways! How blessed am I to be spending all of my time with individuals who for 18-24 months have decided to give up their desires to help others understand who Jesus really is?!

Sister Larsen and I are staying together for another six weeks! Instead of planning out resolutions, we have set many periodical goals for the way we improve ourselves physically, intellectually, socially, and most importantly spiritually! I am stoked to see what God is about to do, especially as we ask Him for help reaching those goals wooohoooo

I know that the Holy Spirit is our best pal, I know that if I want to speak to Heavenly Father all I need to do is pray, and I know that when I want to hear Heavenly Father speak then all I need to do is read my scriptures!

May 2023 be every bit as spiritually transformative for you than anything else 🤍

Sister Saylor

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