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Sister Saylor - 12-26-2022

Merry Christmas!

We spent the majority of our week on lock down, as the winter storms and -26⁰ weather do not mix well with young missionaries driving around... still a party though! We were able to go to church yesterday, got fed way too much, and had plenty of time on our hands to write long letters (my favorite thing ever) to some friends and members in our area!

Also! Ben attended the House of the Lord for the very first time! For sure one of my top 5 temple trips. I strongly testify that there is no greater feeling of gratification than knowing you have used your time, energy, and physical capabilities to help your family:) Now we just gotta get TJ there! Soon! 🤞🤞

Never before have I read, internalized, and taught the Nativity story as many times as I have this past month. Not watching classic Christmas movies, listening to mainstream Christmas songs, napping 24/7, opening tons of presents, etc. changed the way I "feel" Christmas. This year was a Christmas that was unfamiliar to me, not a Christmas I knew before, due to my traditional celebrations being stripped back; however, this Christ-centered approach is the kind of Christmas I want to maintain in my life! The parties are fun, but seeing Christ's birth as it truly is has taken the cake for the most rewarding experience I am yet to have as a full-time missionary 🥳

Wishing everyone the happiest new year! Also! We just sent our Christmas cards today, so stay tuned close family and friends lol

Sister Saylor

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