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Sister Roberts 12/12/2022

Hey y'all! This was a REALLY great week!!!! We had our mission tour with Elder Michael Dunn and his wife too, it was so cool! We had some really good discussions at our zone conference, and one of my favorites we talked about was a scene from the Chosen we watched. It was based on John 5, the pool of Bethesda. Quick recap: a man is lame (can't walk) from birth. This has been a THIRTY EIGHT YEAR gig. He's been sitting by this pool where, legend has it, if you are the first one in the water when it starts being troubled by an angel, you are healed. This poor guy has been sitting by this water waiting and trying to get in first for a lifetime. Jesus comes to this man and asks, "Wilt thou be made whole?" Or, in Chosen lingo he says, "Do you want to be healed?" In the scene the man breaks down and just says "I've tried!" And Christ kindly says, "You don't need this pool, you only need me." 

MAN it hit me because I feel like recently I have been TRYING to be healed, TRYING to be better and really just trying so hard to see miracles and success and growth. But I've been sitting by a pool of water and not turning to Christ. So that's a new goal this week! It will be planned and executed in the form of honest heartfelt prayer. Keep me accountable :)

We also had exchanges this week! I went to Valley Hi, Lackland and Heritage wards in the south zone! Something super random and fun also was Elder and Sister Dunn decided to do an apartment visit so I got to meet them! We took some pics, which he said will be reported back on and sent to ELDER UCHTDORF. THE PLANE GUY. WHAT. HOW. Elder Uchtdorf is going to see my picture and in his soothing German accent go, "Ah, yes. Sister Roberts, I'm sure she's a fine young mission. Cute outfit." Thanks Elder Uchtdorf :) Literally how that's so crazy. Shoutout to Sister Torres who was the one I switched spots with, I am so sorry. You're a real one.

On exchanges we also saved a poor little boy from being attacked by a pitbull. He was screaming and swinging his backpack at it and I think the dog was actually playing more than attacking, but the boy couldn't tell the difference. Well we pulled the car over super fast and got the two dogs back in the backyard and shut the gate as best we could. I wasn't scared, it was just a moment of seeing the boy need help and God protecting us. I've got the most powerful Being in the universe on my side 💪But I'm also still smart I promise. 

We met this cool guy this week named Spoons who sees the Earth as his Supreme Being. He custom makes leather jackets that go for about $700 on the cheap end. Let me know if you'd like one, I now know a guy ;)

We had our Festival of Trees which was this really cool community event where they set up 25 really beautifully decorated trees (well 24 of them were pretty, whoever did the T.A.G. tree was a little subpar) (just kidding). The trees at the end of the night were boxed up and donated to different families in need! It was so so so cool! We were there helping out all day, and talking to everyone and their dog, it was fun! We didn't eat much, but we had a good time.

Our dinner appointment that day literally just fed us 7 layer bean dip for dinner. Pro tip - please feed your missionaries FOOD food. But also don't force them to eat a lot. And let them serve themselves. And don't force dessert. And always make sure you offer normal water as well in case they don't like your large selection of unflavored sparkling water. There's probably more 'feeding the missionaries' tips, but this email is turning into a dissertation so I'll end it there sorry!!!

I don't blame you if you didn't read any of it. Usually I just skip to the pictures, so here you go :)

Have a good week !!! ❤

Sister Roberts

Elder and Sister Dunn x2 !! 

Us and some of our best friends at the Festival of Trees 

3 of the 25 trees and a tree that actually shows IT'S FALL! FINALLY! IN DECEMBER!

Decorated star cookies at our ward Christmas party

Exchanges :)

In Texas we still need sunglasses for our 76* weather

Helped Chris put up her Christmas trees 🎄

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