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Elder Wilker - 12/20/2022

Today was cool! We had our normal day and then we went to the church. Next we replied to some people on whatsapp and that was good because we have some people interested. After that we hit the rua because it finally stopped raining and everyone seemed to come outside. The first lady we talked to was Brazilian. She was interested however, she is going back to Brazil for 40 days so thats a rip. We gave her a Livro de Mormon, so hopefully she will be found somewhere else or maybe she'll read it. 


Then we were walking and as we passed this couple and the man said Oi! Elderes! We went back and he started ranting, l caught a little bit and he said he's been baptised and im like cap but he showed us a picture of him and the elders and said he got baptized in Brazil and was messing with his girl friend and said you guys need to baptize her! While he and my comp were ranting I was speaking to his girl friend and I was like eu não falo bom Portuguese desculpe, não entendo, anyways she was asking us to speak English because she wanted to hear it and that was funny. I told her we teach English to fools and that would be cool if you came and she was down. The guy invited us to dinner on Thursday. It’s probably going to be some bussin stroganoff every Brazilian makes for us..    

Later we did some Facebook work and we had a lesson at 7:30. It was with this guy named Edson. He was a reference from sisters from Brazil and he warmed up to us real quick through text. He talked about him having suicidal thoughts and that was crazy. We just knew he needed help when we met with him. We were surprised he brought his whole family Bru, We said a prayer all together, his wife and his daughter in the capela and then after he said right off the bat he would like to talk somewhere else because he doesn't want his daughter to hear him talk about his depression. So we went upstairs and oh I forgot we invited a ward member named Pablo. He’s awesome! He’s Portuguese but he's from Africa and we go to his house every week. His wife is basically our mission mom. We invited him because we don't know portuguse regarding mental health. So we went upstairs while his wife and daughter were just down stairs and I whispered to Pablo we should give him a blessing because I felt prompted to and Pablo asked him and we did and the spirit was so strong! I didnt understand anything because his accent is mad thick, but the spirit speaks louder then words. Our amigo and Pablo then started chopping it up about his life. I found out later they talked about him being un happy with his job, his life and his house is cold and he only makes enough money to stay alive and the people are super racist to him because he's Brazilian. This was perfect we brought Pablo because he's African. Apparently the Portugal Portuguese people here are madly racist to Brazilians and Africans because they think they’re taking over and ruining the way they talk. I hear everyone's way is right, but anyways the poor guy just gets bullied and he said he wakes up and wants to end it and the only thing keeping him going is his daughter. But Pablo said he can help him get a better job and he went through the same thing when he arrived here. After they left Pablo invited them to church this Sunday which is Christmas, and Pablo told them they would love it because the ward is full Brazilian and it's true. Pablo said after they are for sure getting baptised.       

After we were walking home Pablo starting telling us about how our house had sisters in it and they got so scared because they use to see ghosts and freaky stuff and apparently there was a guy practicing voodoo right next to us and he moved and then it stopped after the sisters left. He also told us a lot of people in Portugal practice which craft and are sketch. He told us he had three different experiences casting out evil spirits with missionários. One time he was giving this lady a blessing because she saw stuff and then during it she started splurring another voice and saying weird crap and ok when he was saying this he was laughing the whole time he's such a loving, giggly dude and he said while that was happening apparently the missionaries ran away being scared and apparently after the blessing she said the stuff stopped. Another one was they were blessing this ladies house and as they were doing it they heard a boom in the kitchen and they rushed in there and everything was destroyed. Apparently the lady was experiencing crap and after she said it stopped until the missionaries tried to teach her more, but she said she was fine because a vudo person said they could help her. “Thats stupid of her!” Pablo said in his broken English that she was trying to fight poop with poop. 

Oh and the voodoo person next door to me (that hopefully moved away)Pablo told me he would always take our picture on our door of Jesus Christ and throw it in the floor. He did that a lot until Pablo told him if you do that I will punch you! I forgot to tell you Pablo is a karate black belt and he doesn't look the part, but he's cracked. Well Thats it for this week!

Eu sei que Deus e jesus cristo tem um plano para nos eu sou muito grato para expiação de jesus cristo, eu sei que Deus preparou um plano para nos ajudar a voltar à sua presença e eu sou muito grato por ter um proposito na minha vida, em nome de Jesus cristo amém.

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