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Sister Saylor - 12/12/2022

Hola everyone!

Our friend TJ's baptism is THIS SATURDAY!!! We love love love when our friends choose to let Jesus Christ's gospel change their lives forever 🤩

Sister Larsen and I got to swap with two companionships this week (exchanges)! Sister Joffs and I partied it up in Crestwood on Tuesday, then Hermana Hibbard and I did the same thing on Thursday! I learn more on 24 hour exchanges than I sometimes learn in a span of 3 days - putting yourself in a constant seat of being a student is powerful, y'all 🤠

Don't forget! This Sunday @ 7pm EST on the Choose Him Facebook page, the Kentucky Louisville Mission will be streaming a Christmas Live Event hosted by the Digital Finding & Teaching Coordinators (which includes, you guessed it, this sister missionary 😏). This 20 minutes event will have four special musical numbers and four quick spiritual messages - it'll be a blast!

I love Jesus, I love my Heavenly Father, I love being His missionary, and I think Kentucky is still kinda weird but I like it nine times out of ten 🥰

Sister Saylor

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