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Sister Roberts - 12/5/2022

This week had some goooood highlights :)

Things I was called this week:

- Jehovah's witness

- girlie

- Amish

- dawg

- Eminem white person (compared to a Trump white person, I think it was a compliment?)

- special guest

- friend! 

^^ this last one is my favorite :)

We helped out at the performance of Handel's Messiah and oh my goodness it was soo amazing and powerful. I love Christmas!!! 

We had exchanges so I was back at UTSA! It's good to go back and just see the constant growth. I remember my first exchange there was honestly so bad I was so nervous and uncomfortable to talk to anyone my age that was definitely way cooler than me but this last time Sister Christensen and I got maybe like 6 numbers in one go! She's such an amazing missionary and so funny, it was a really good day. 

The Garcia family came to church!!! We've been working with them to help them get sealed in the temple, and their 10 year old son told us last week he wants to be baptized! Miracles are real, y'all. You just have to put in the work for them. 

It was also so cool on Sunday, we had asked some members to bear their testimonies about missionary opportunities from this week, and they DID! And then everyone started bearing testimony about their invites and sharing the gospel! It was so good. Big things are coming in this area. 

We had some really fun dinners this week! We got to go with the girl gang on Saturday to BJs which was probably the most fun meal of my mission. I had my first ever pizookie!! It was a really special moment I would have wanted to spend with nobody else. They were so excited for me. This moment had a lot of buildup, and was all worth the wait. Almost cried. 

We also had taco night with my friends from my last area and wow was that an experience. At one point some comment was made about how I ate more tacos than the elders, and then Adam (who can eat 26 tacos in one sitting) challenged me to eat more than him. I wasn't actually competing, but he ate enough to catch up to me, and then grabbed the last taco shell. I bear you my testimony that God provides a way for us to accomplish the things he hath commanded us, as a paraphrased 1 Nephi 3:7 goes.The heavens parted in the form of a poopy diaper, which he had to go change, leaving the uneaten taco on his plate. So I took it. And I ate it. And I won. It wasn't even that many tacos I promise it was only 8 hahah DON'T BE DISAPPOINTED IN ME MOM it gained member trust and respect, so it was worth it.

The Lord provides in even the moments of most dire need.

I almost closed in the name of Jesus Christ but that felt sacrilegious so instead I'll just say BYE love y'all have a good week! Don't eat too many tacos, and don't worry, I'm still working out and have yet to gain a pound on my mission, so don't be concerned. At least not REALLY concerned. I think I'm a little concerned for myself. 8 tacos?!?! Anyways delete this email right as it comes. I don't know why I'm admitting this to y'all. Hopefully you're laughing with me and not at me. Aaaaaanywayys okay bye Jesus loves you :)


Sister Roberts

Brother Manchester got us flowers 🥰

We ♥ packages



When they say they'll be back and it's 10 minutes later

Pizookie gals 👯‍♀️

Country store

Pretty avocado

So funny mini story I forgot my tag on our exchange so I was Sister Downer for the day because none of the people we met would ever see me again... until we literally saw a guy we had a lesson with at HEB today. I don't think he noticed. 

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