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Sister Saylor - 4/3/2023

Happy one year of full-time, 24/7, nonstop missionary work to Sister Strong, myself, and the rest of our Missionary Training Center buddies! 🥳 I testify that this has been the most fulfilling year of my life. I have never learned so much, nor have I ever trusted this much in our incredible Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ!

This week was my first week in Evansville, Indiana! Kinda slow start, due to contracting a sinus infection, double eye infection, and ear infection LOL. The antibiotics life has been great, though! Modern medicine is at the top of my gratitude list at the moment.

And holy moly, God's modern day mouthpiece - His actual real life prophet on the earth - gave a worldwide address this weekend, along with the Lord's ordained Apostles! President Russell M. Nelson spoke to all believers of Christ regarding the evil power of contention and how we can be peacemakers with the help of the Prince of Peace! Stay tuned- I'll send out the link next week :))

I know Jesus Christ is your Savior and mine! I know that without Easter, we would not have Christmas! I know that Jesus is worth every celebration! Do not forget to spend that special celebration with your family ✨️ Happy almost Easter, everyone!

Sister Saylor

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