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Sister Saylor - 4/24/2023

Double exchanges! I was over the moon privileged to spend a day with Sister Sorenson and a day with Sister Allen! Both sisters are completing their three months of in-field missionary training, making me feel ancient in the missionary life ahaha. The world and life I lived prior to becoming a full-time disciple thirteen months ago is foreign to me now, those sisters thought it was hilarious that I have never listened to Harry Styles's most recent album all the way through and that I don't know what "rizz" means lol.

Spending my time with Sister Sorenson and Sister Allen was the most beautiful breath of fresh air for me! Sister Strong and I are MOVE MOVE MOVE 24/7. We have experienced so much in this last year that our daily responsibilities are second nature, allowing us to speed up the work we do for Heavenly Father - like visiting friends and church members, providing service, scheduling and attending meetings, and teaching those who desire to know more about Jesus - which is pretty epic! I loved being seasoned, BUT there was such a reflective appreciation that came with the simplicity of helping two precious daughters of God develop consecration! I LOVE SEEING WHAT GOD DOES WITH THE WILLING!I know that sacrifice delights the Lord! I know that He is dancing when we take our world out of our hands and place it into His! I know that He is such a good listener, and an even better communicator! I love God!

Sister Saylor :)

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