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Sister Saylor - 7/31/2023

Happy Monday!

We head to Crestwood, KY again this Thursday! I LOVE getting the opportunity to go back to my old area for a couple of days. Sister Walker and I will be picking up another sister to end off my last three weeks in the mission as a trio! Who's it gonna be? We have no clue, although we are manifesting Sister Talbot. Prayers appreciated ;)

Sweet Sister Leavitt let me come do missionary work with her in Olney, Illinois for a day! We did not see any white squirrels this time - next time for sure, though. We wrapped up our exchange with a mini photoshoot! When Sister Walker and I went to edit the photos at a member's house, our car keys got locked inside... Shoutout to the Kuhlenhoelter's for attempting to cheer Sister Walker up by turning on Tangled... I love a good memory :))

By reading Alma 11 & 12, I learned SO MUCH about the resurrection (after Jesus Christ comes again, when a perfected version of our bodies and our spirits will reunite)! I love the anticipation of being with Jesus! Although I have lots and lots of work to do to shape up, I know that this life is my time to prep for the day I get to stand before God and Christ! There is so much goodness in store, They are so excited for us to come back, I just know it.

Stay tuned for the trio announcement, have a great week ☀️

Sister Saylor

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