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Sister Saylor - 8/14/2023

Happy Monday!

Sister Memmott, Sister Walker, and I attended my final Mission Leadership Council! All seven that I have participated in have filled my cup full, but this week's in particular has been the cherry on top of my mission! I learned that Jesus is the embodiment of every righteous attribute in its most perfect form. I also was reminded of my greatest privilege: God gifts us with the promise of ALL that He has in return for all that we have (time, energy, talents, fears, etc), creating the most perfect imbalance! I LOVE MY FATHER IN HEAVEN!

If you all need someone to add to your prayer lists this week, please feel free to be mindful of Annie, Gabe, and Lela! These friends of ours are taking steps closer and closer everyday toward making special promises with the Lord through baptism! These promises include taking Christ's name upon them, keeping God's commandments, serving their neighbor, and enduring to the end!

We are now within the last two weeks of my full-time, young missionary service! I cannot believe the mixed emotions! My biggest mission-conclusion prayer currently goes up regarding patience for everyone who will be around me when I am home... I won't lie, I'm definitely kind of weird right now, in a missionary way ahaha. Get ready for lots of cringey missionary jokes and an overwhelming amount of scripture references in our secular conversations.

Sister Saylor :))

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