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Sister Roberts - May 3, 2022

So let me just start this off by saying I'm so sorry if you haven't been getting my emails in a while... my list of people to send it to is longer than I thought, so I don't think all of yall have been getting my emails :( sad. Anyways you're here now!!

Such a great week!! It's a little late coming I know but I'm in the Bulverde, Summerglen Hills and Smithson Valley wards! I'll have to update yall more on it next week because it was so wild getting here but the members are so kind! Both us and the elders are triple covering, and we're also both new to the area, so it's a lot trying to figure out people and places and what's going on. We're all lost.

This is such a lame email I'm sorry but we got a nail in our tire that we had to get fixed so my email time turned into car time. But it's okay we're back now and the work goes on!

It's a lot of member work here, finding is slow unless you're getting member referrals, so thats what we're working on!! Especially the youth. I'm excited to go to all the mutuals!!!! The youth are amazing. I wish I could be friends with all of them. I also miss my youth friends from my last two areas but it's okay! We keep going! We make new friends!

Love Texas love yall have a great week! I promise a better email next week because I have so much to share!

Sister Roberts

The Madrid's taught us how to make tamales so this is me and Veralynn in our cute little lunch lady hairnets making them

The DeRoest's

The Posey boys (x2) (this was a sad goodbye)

The Allred's (this one was so easy glad to get out of there) (TOTALLY kidding but because

I now have 2/6 Allreds on this email list I figured I might as well try to pretend like that wasn't the hardest goodbye)

One of my fav youth friends who gave me a SHIRT and is the coolest chicks ever and is totally on this email so if you're reading this McKayla I love you even though you eat more potstickers than me but you also still lost the first one soooooo anyways


The sisters we thought we were living with but aren't (that's a next week explanation) (Sister Goff my companion is the one in the back with the ponytail)

Goodbye to Tiller (the ACTUAL hardest goodbye)

And Blaze and Tiller and Sister Smith. What more could a sister need?

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