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Sister Roberts - Feb 28, 2022


This week was a slow one. BUT we had a couple highlights.

FIRST OF ALL, I forget to mention one teensy weensy detail in my email last week. We started teaching a woman named Alexandria!

Alexandria is an attempted murderer.

Totally forgot about that one ahaha

Don't be concerned though... she's only being charged with assault with a deadly weapon

Soooo if we stop teaching Alexandria it's because she went to jail. Bummer.

NOW for this week! We had another lesson with Joel! I'm really bad at keeping track on who I update y'all on so I guess I'll just give a quick recap of his story. His mom and grandma were random people in our area book we reached out to. Turns out Joel was in the household too! And ALSO turns out that his mom and grandma are inactive members of the church, so now we're just teaching Joel! This week he told us he wants to get baptized!! He didn't want to set a date because he didn't feel ready enough for that, but he knows he'll get there! It's a sure thing with him. And he's 12 years old!! So cute. We also had to pass him off because we've been teaching him at his grandma's house and he lives closer to my old area which is a bummer, but he said I still get to come to his baptism so that's a win.

We had a total miracle this week. We went to an inactive member's house to see if we could set up a time to introduce ourselves and share a message, and she didn't answer the door. My companion felt strongly impressed to visit this woman at this exact time so we were like, "Ok, we're here, what do we do" and just kept knocking. We knocked twice, rang the doorbell, knocked again, rang again, and then still nothing. EXCEPT!! An Uber driver pulled up. UberEATS to be exact! He dropped off Chinese food for this lady!! There was no escaping us. We knew she was inside. She had a ring doorbell, so we were afraid she was watching us and waiting for us to leave. So we knocked again, no answer. So we did leave. We went to the car and watched. The door opened, an arm poked out and grabbed the Chinese food (which smelled so good I almost took it... just kidding...) and then the door shut again. We were like okay what the heck. Why are we here if she doesn't want to talk to us. So we called her twice. No answer. So THEN we really didn't know what to do. UNTIL! A Target grocery delivery guy dropped off MORE things for her. You've got to be kidding me!! The NERVE of this lady right??? Wrong. We took it as a sign to try again because she's going to have to open the door again, so we walked up and as I was about to go into the driveway she opened the door and was like "Oh hey!! SO sorry we keep missing y'all! Come inside!!" So turns out she was in the shower and it's all a big accident but had we been upset and left thinking she hated us we never would have chatted. The Target Man was a miracle.

One more event this week, we went and did service for Sister Foutch-Walker who is a sassy stubborn sarcastic 22-week pregnant woman. She hasn't been feeling very good so her house is a MESS. She also has the most chaotic 2 year old I have ever met. And 3 pugs. So we cleaned the whole house for her and then came back a few days later to share a message because her husband isn't a member of the Church, so that was cool! He said he wants to take me to Bucky's because I've never been, and he told me a lot about good barbecue and where to find it and how to get a good base for a dry rub. He's awesome. He also described the secret between different Southern accents (Mississippi people are lazy and don't move their bottom lips apparently) (they say missippi) (try saying them both and notice how the bottom lip moves) (this man knows his stuff)

I still love Texas! Still love people! Still LOVE being a missionary!! PAM IS ON BAPTISMAL DATE!!!! I still also miss my old area :(

Feel free to reach out and let me know how y'all are doin!!

Sister Roberts

I really didn't take pictures this week

Our zone leader made us tortillas

Toilets!! And me

Cute hand-painted mailboxes


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