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No Hokey Pokey for Me

This was a pretty good week if I do say so myself. Quick rundown:

- Exchanges! I got to go to the YSA with Sister Parker for a day :) It was so fun!! We had an insitute class during the day and then after teaching a few lessons to recent converts we went street contacting around the UTSA campus. I've realized that college kids are still intimidating and I need to get over assuming that some people don't want to hear about the gospel. Missionaries are suppposed to talk to EVERYONE and my goal is to work on that.

Fun fact - Sister Parker and I were in the same EFY company a few years ago - Sock Hop! the 3rd Ward put on a ward Sock Hop dance which was SO cute! Trying not to dance is difficult (missionaries (ESPECIALLY Sisters) shouldn't be ~provocative~) so we were wallflowers all night until Jump Around came on. Nothing in the standards say missionaries can't jump :) The bishop LOVED that I was partying when I could. It was awesome. - Zone conference! We talked a lot about how to find people to teach. It was really good coming from the UTSA campus where I was afriad to talk to everyone and our whole zone conference was basically TO FIND PEOPLE TO TEACH YOU HAVE TO TALK TO EVERYONE!!! It was a good reminder - Miracle! We were sitting in sacrament meeting and noticed this guy walk in and sit in the back wearing sweats and a t-shirt. We went up to him after and he was DEAF! So I got to talk to him and welcome him and get his information for the ASL missionaries! It was pretty cool. He said he's been looking for ASL missionaries for a while and so he hoped he would find someone who could hook him up. That's me! Super cool story. It takes a pretty elect person to walk into a sacrament meeting and not hear a single word but still sit there for an hour, hoping you'll run into a missionary. Pretty quick week and a quick email, but I love all of you and am so grateful to be a missionary! Sister Roberts This cat had seven toes on each paw. This cats house is haunted ah ha ha(don't worry the elders came and blessed the house so it's safe now) also feat. my roomies Sock Hop Me and Sister Parker Me and Sister Parker circa 2018 (gross) Come Follow Me study with the 3rd ward gang


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