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Sister Roberts - May 16, 2022

Alright everyone, buckle up because it was kind of a crazy week.

Monday: Totally normal. Played pickleball. Met a family and the 3 year old son locked us all outside and smiled like the devil. He literally looked like an elf. It was so funny.

Tuesday: Zone conference day 1! We had it on Zoom with the entire mission, and it was really good! We watched a cute video of this kid talking about how you get really good at what you practice, so let's practice peace, love, etc. I think it's called "What do you practice," everyone should give it a look! It's so good!

We Also got a call from Sister Tveten, my mission president's wife. She basically just turned our companionship upside down and told me I'm being emergency transferred to Kerrville! tomORROW?!?!?! (As in Wednesday) So I spent Tuesday packing.

Wednesday: Zone Conference day 2! It was in person, and I got to go to the building where all of my friends were :):):):):) It was so fun! And then we switched? And I left for Kerrville???

Quick shoutout to Kerrville- it's about an hour drive out of the city on the north-west ish side. It's so much fun. It's boonieville out here and everyone is so cowboy and hick and cute I love it. This is where I get my boots. I just know it.

Thursday-Sunday: So much to share! But I don't want to make this tooooo long (which I'm really good at) so I'll resort to bullet points.

  • We have 2 people on baptismal date! We have Davis who is AMAZING!! On date for June 11th but we'll probably move it up closer. We gave him a chapter of the Book of Mormon to read and he literally was so interested he read 8 more. Like what?!?!?!

  • And Pat! We'll see about her haha no promises on that one.

  • Dinner with the Simmons' was fun! They have a massive backyard and they let me feed a cute little group of like 20-25 deer. It was awesome. Some were pregnant! Spring is springing!!!!

  • went to an 80 year-old woman's house who has to be like 5 feet tall max and she had the biggest moose and buffalo heads on her wall. She shot them.

  • Met a murderer named Pete. No jokes on that one sorry mom but I'm safe! It's all good! That's all y'all get on that story. No need for details.

  • Took Prom pics for a cut couple when we went street contacting.

  • Went to Junction meeting! So the Kerrville ward is the only ward we cover (first time not covering 3 wards at a time is soooo weird I kinda miss it so much) but since our area is about 2 hours of driving from top to bottom, the people at the very top don't like driving an hour every Sunday to get to church (and can't afford it) so they meet every third Sunday in their town bank. When I tell you this town is Radiator Springs BEFORE the glow-up. It's awesome. I'll have to include pictures of where we met. There were about 20-25 people in attendance. One guy said, "Normally you don't take the sacrament in the same room as guns, but here you do." It was the cutest tiniest sacrament meeting ever! I love Kerrville and I'm so glad I got to be a part of Junction yesterday too!!

  • President Nelson spoke to all of the YSA last night, but for all you non-YSA people, and all you non-members of the Church, GO. WATCH. IT. I'M BEGGING YOU!!! It was amazing. Learned so much. I am so grateful to have a living prophet who loves me and us so much!

Deer count: 45

Armadillo count: 1

Mullet count: 2

Hey guess what? I still really love being a misionary and really love Texas :)

Have a great week !!!

Sister Roberts

Patsy's game

The guns in the Junction meeting

Me and Sister Downer

Junction main Street

Other random Kerrville pictures :)


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