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Sister Roberts - 2/13/2023

Another week down! I'm staying here for my last transfer! Sister Fillmore is heading out, so I'll be getting a new companion, which should be fun! 

We had a good week! WOW I just can't believe how far Star has come. She is absolutely a whole new person, I just love her so much!! She'll be baptized sometime in March hopefully, I will definitely keep yall updated! 

I feel like good things always happen in a week and then I forget them when it comes time to write an email :) Here's a list! 

- we went to 2 birthday parties on Saturday!! It was so fun

- we went to a viewing for a woman who passed away. She was the one we visited in the hospital and she was so happy and joyful. It was precious. She's not the one who blew up her diaper. 

-we did visit that woman though! She is in an assisted living home and doing about as well. Pray for Peggy 🙏

- we started teaching this amazing girl Ruby! We had a couple really good lessons with her. She is awesome. I think I talked about her last week, but she is just as cool as she was last week :) 

- we visited a woman in our ward and she had an amputated toe. That's all. 

Have a good week! Hopefully more updates next week !!

❤️ Sister Roberts 

Final group of selfies with Sister Fillmore :'(

Our mini me's :')

Manwarings + Ruby

Star and Sister Minor !!

Making Valentine's for the young women 💗

Ashla drew me 💃

Pass off lesson with the YSA sisters 

Us and Peggy !! Different Peggy than the one listed above 

We went to breakfast and I have been kind of sick. This is Sister Fillmore catching me in my sick moment.

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