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Sister Roberts - 1/30/2023

Okay so this was a good week !! 

The only problem is I cannot remember anything that happened except for one experience that really just overpowers the rest of my week.

We visited a 92 year old woman from our ward in the hospital and we walked in, said "Hi Peggy," and then she absolutely just completely exploded her pants and said, "Pray for me extra hard." I CANNOT make this stuff up. It was at least 3 or 4 seconds long. We prayed for her and left. We were laughing so hard, it was truly an experience God designed specifically for us. I just know now without a shadow of a doubt that God is aware of me. 


Since I cant remember anything else, here is a thought I had on Sunday. PLEASE DONT SKIP! I'll keep it short I promise and just share the notes I wrote down and let you ponder. 

A boy gave his mission homecoming talk and used the phrase, "instrument in the Lord's hand."  Now maybe it seems obvious to you, but I just wanted to list off some things I wrote down as I thought about that phrase. 

- People often focus on the instrument, but the musician is what gives it purpose.

- The instrument doesn't pick what notes it plays.

- Instruments aren't beautiful unless they play beautiful music.

Imagine if we could submit oursleves and let God use us to make beautoful music! Be an instrument!

Bye ❤️

Sister Roberts

- Saw some good friends at another temple tour this week!

- Had breakfast at Magnolia Packae House and THE Guy Fieri ate here

- exchanges!!

- Temple tour with Mary!

- Pretending like we're talented enough to perform in sacrament meeting

- We went out with the Ashbaugh Family today I love them

- Texans when it gets below 70 degrees

- comp selfie

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