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Sister Roberts - 1/16/2023

This week was SOOOOOO good!!! Wow it was so busy and we seriously worked our tails off and it was so so good. We found 5 people and had 4 at church!!! I seriously don't think I've had a good genuine church attendance where they're new and excited and we have to help them in forever. So it was so exciting! All 4 were visiting for their first time. Here's a recap!

Tanya and Ana: Ana's 9, and LOVED primary! She learned about how Jesus would leave the 99 for the 1 and she got to hide the toy someone had to find in singing time! Tanya also really enjoyed the service, everyone flocked around her and made her feel so so welcome, so it was great!!

John: Our new friend that is a 72 year old Vietnam veteran, looks and acts like he could be 40, he's in great shape! We would know because in class he lifted his shirt ALL the way up to show off his bullet wounds - entry and exit points! 

Star: She'll take a little more, because we had our first two lessons with her this week! Our first included her parents, who are extremely devout Catholics so they had quite a lot of questions and concerns about her conversion. We spent a lot of time sharing about the Book of Mormon and about Joseph Smith. Star was bearing testimony and defending the church before even knowing most of the story! Our second lesson was when we put her on baptismal date! We taught the Restoration and explained the importance of the Priesthood, and she committed to be baptized on February 11th!!! At church she got thrown up on by the kid next to her, and she still wants to be baptized! Score!!

One other super fun thing we got to do was visit my our sweet friend, Mark from the Cibolo Hills ward! Sister Fillmore replaced me in that area, so I got to help him work towards baptism, and she was there when he was baptized! Now that we're companions, we wanted to pay him a quick visit! He bore such powerful testimony and was so humble and amazing, I'm so happy to see how far he's come!! 

It's been so crazy and amazing here. I love Sister Fillmore and this area and the people here amd i love my mission!!! It's been a really good week. I hope yall have a good one as well!!


Sister Roberts

Me and Sister Fillmore

Me and Sister Fillmore with the precious gift of toilet paper and a random muffin thing someone gave us

Me and Sister Fillmore and Mark

Me and Sister Fillmore, she's so pretty 

Me and Sister Fillmore and our bagged dinner someone left on the door for us 

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