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Sister Roberts - 12/26/2022

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! The subject goes to Sister Jackson, she's a funny gal. It's a missionary joke.  This was such a good week, I hope y'all had a good week too! Here are the highlights:

- Our friend Kay prayed for us for the first time! It was so cool, teaching people to pray is my favorite thing EVER.

- Exchanges with Sister Brough! We walked Kay's dogs for service and Sister Brough grew up on a farm so this was her first time actually picking up dog poop. Picture below. 

- On Friday night we had dinner with the Wiest's and then went caroling to different friends' houses to carol! It was so fun!

Side note - it was literally freezing this week, I think we were caroling in 20* weather, it's a mindset.


- We had dinner with the Piersons on Christmas Eve which was so nice! 

- Christmas church was SO GOOD! Three sacraments on Christmas was seriously the best. It's cool to see everyone do it differently, play different songs with different instruments, but the Spirit was strong in all of them! 

- Total miracle! At church the Hardins asked if we had any Christmas breakfast/brunch plans and we had been praying that someone would even just bring us a snack so we got to go have brunch with them! It was soooo kind of them. 

- We had Christmas dinner with the Gillespie's, and then after we headed out to the Carlson's house in Bandera! Sister Downer and I served together out there with this family, so when the YSA sisters got invited, we got to tag along too! It was so fun to see them again, and I am still a top competitor in Spoons. Haven't lost my game 💪

- My friend Linda that got baptized in October WENT TO THE TEMPLE THIS WEEK! So kind of a sad note, they did it and didn't tell us so we didn't get invited, and I kinda really would have wanted to go so that was sad to find out about it 4 days after but she had a great experience! She got to be baptized in place of both her mom and her daughter who have passed away, which is so amazing! I'm glad she got to spend time with the Lord in His house, even if I wasn't there too. 

- We had a sleepover with Sister Jackson and Sister Christensen! We both didn't really have anywhere to go on Christmas Eve until dinner, so they came and stayed with us which was fun! We just did studies and weekly planning all together so we were bored TOGETHER! No we weren't bored we made ourselves a charcuterie board so we snacked and studied and planned and grew in the Spirit together. What better way to spend Christmas Eve. 

Another side note - "I'll Be Home for Christmas" is a terrible song. 0/10. Not a fan. But now I can sing it :)

- Top highlight! We met a woman named Felicia, so I got to unironically say, "Bye Felicia" and now I can go home having accomplished all that I came to Texas to do. 

Okay! Closing thought lots of you will probably skip - one of the Christmas messages we shared was talking about the wise men and the gifts they gave Christ, and we talked about gifts we can give to Christ. Think about a gift you can give to Christ for all of 2023 and set that with him this week as the new year is coming! 

Have a good week!! 

Sister Roberts ❤

Christmas Eve with Piersons!

Enjoying the sun because it came back

Charcuterie board x2

Christmas with Gillespies

Matching christmas jammies :)

Christmas brunch with the Hardins!

Christmas with Carlsons and soooo many missionaries!

The Earls got us Christmas Texas hats

Baby's first doggie doodoo

Gingerbread house decorating with the Streeters

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