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Sister Roberts - 12/19/2022

So I think this was a good week but I literally do not remember anything that happened except we went to our apartment office and one of the girls told us we always look cute. She goes, "Yall are giving me like, what's that new aesthetic? Whimsical goth! It's like the 90s layered dresses and skirts and stuff." 

...Who's gonna tell her we have to wear dresses all the time ahaha I'll take it though

Okay actually this week was good! I just went through all my pictures and we volunteered at the food bank which was fun. It was freezing finally December weather except it got back up to the 70s again this week so not really a cold Christmas but that's fine I'm not really mad about it. 

We also had two ward Christmas parties on Friday and Saturday! They were fun, it was a Las Posadas theme which is a Mexican/Spanish tradition where we reenact Mary and Joseph knocking on different doors trying to find lodging. The last door opens and we celebrate and there's singing and stuff. It's so cute! 

On Saturday night in Old Town Helotes they set up a 'walk to Bethlehem" where we followed Mary and Joseph on their way. We got to sing carols with some members beforehand which was so fun!

Somehow we also got wrapped into 2 musical numbers on Sunday which were good. We sang "I Know that My Redeemer Lives" for one which was so interesting! I never really thought of it as a Christmas song, but I love it! That is hands down the most spiritually powerful hymn for me, right next to "I Believe in Christ." Go give it a listen! PLEASE! And understand why it is truly a beautiful Christmas song! 

I love ALL of y'all, I hope you have a merry Christmas! Catch ya later :)

❤❤❤ Sister Roberts

Food bank x2

We picked the lock at the church

I wrote this chalkboard out and look at what a kid did to it :'(

Made cookies with Pauline! She's crazy

Manger scene at our ward party! 

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