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Sister Roberts - 1/9/2023

Hello!! All is so well here in the north + hill country stake with Sister Fillmore!! She's so funny. I love her. And we're just working so hard and seeing so many miracles and living our best lives out here. She goes home this transfer, so it's extra motivation to give it our all and then I go home the next transfer??? So that's insane.

I am having so much fun on my mission. Every day is a good day. I feel like this week was an absolute blur and I don't even remember what's been happening, but I promise it was all good things. Except leaving my last area and companion that was sad :( but now I'm here and still living life so all is well!! 

We watched the young adult devotional from Elder and Sister Holland last night, it was so good!! I would highly recommend it for any and all young adults - member of the Church or not. There is just so much wisdom and advice and faith and power!! I'll see if I can put the link at the bottom. 

We did have a lesson with our friend esther who is so so so cute!! She's 17 and she was asking how to find peace, so we turned to the Book of Mormon! The Book of Mormon and prayer have brought me so much peace in my life, and I was happy to share with her! She was seriously so excited to get a copy she was hugging it and saying she wants to read every day!! The Book of Mormon is peace, AND it's joy!!. Give it a read! Let me know if you need a paper copy! Or you can download the gospel library app and have access to that and lots of other amazing resources the church has!! 

Have a good week yall, talk to you next Monday :)

❤❤ Sister Roberts

Esther!! x2

The new comp

Me and Sis Downy at transfers

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