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Sister Roberts - 1/23/2023

This was quite the week!! I love serving so close to the temple, we got to go twice this week. We had a little tour with our friend Star where we walked around and talked about it and we also had a tour wirh a new friend, Nicole! It was cool, we were sitting on the grounds doing our studies and this couple came up to us and said that there was absolutely no coincidence that we were there, because their friend Nicole was coming to visit and they wanted us to talk with her! So we did! It was so good. She doesn't live in our area, so we had to pass her off to some other missionaries, but the impromptu temple tour was fun! 

Star is so cool. Outside of the temple tour we had another lesson where we talked about some of God's commandments. She told us they would be hard to keep, but she loves God more than any material thing, and is willing to do anything He asks. SUCH powerful faith!! 

Church continues to be busy, we had 5 people this week!!!!! AND 4 of them were new people that weren't there last week!! So we had Star again, (no vomit this time) and some friends that used to come but were out of town. They're back!!

Tanya and her daughter were all set to come, and we had texted asking if they were on their way and received this text:

Will getting baptized today at other church Thank you blessings 

DANG it hurt so bad we cried but we are definitely SO happy for them showing this faith and taking that next step. Also she still seems to be on for our lesson tomorrow, so maybe we can have a good chat! I'm excited, I'll update yall for sure :)

This really was a good week. Sister Fillmore and I are still working hard, still moving and killing it. We had exchanges and I got to go to Fredericksburg. They put me to WORK we did so much service it was awesome. I also got my flight plans for when I go home at the end of March so that was crazy haha but I guess it's real! Gotta finish strong though. I'll see yall soon!!

Have a good week 🤠

❤Sister Roberts 

So so sooooo many pics this week Sister Fillmore is really good at remembering to take pictures so I will share so many 

Temple pics 5ever

Ran into some cute friends from home :) thanks for making us look like great missionaries! 

Ran into Sister McFadden on her walk! 

Post- zone conference selfie (no report on that because not much was learned, awkward)

Me getting my flight plans and Sister Fillmore getting something on her sock

The Petersons took us to IHOP! 🥰🥞

My REAL companion Sister Coon 👯‍♀️

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