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Sister Roberts - 2/6/2023

This week was so great!! We really had so many miracles on sunday, so many friends came!! We had Mary, Grandma Lou, Star, and then our friend John's grandson wanted to come with him, so now we're teaching the both of them, and we're beginning to teach Ruby, who was brought by a young woman! It was just such a great day, and so fun to meet Nick and Ruby who are both seniors in high school and so humble and excited to learn. So exciting!!! 

We had exchanges with the STLs in Helotes, which means I got to go back to my old area with my old companion! That was a good 24 hours with Sister Downer, nothing has changed. 

We had dinner with this family and their son has those magnets that look like metallic rocks. All of a sudden he just gets up and tries to chuck one with fu power directly at my face and my heart jumped out of my chest. Only by the grace of God did the magnet fall down his sleeve instead of knocking out 5 of my teeth. God really protects his missionaries 🙏

We had probably my favorite MLC of the entire time I've been and STL. It was soooo good! We started off talking about miracles, and about how we've set some pretty high goals as a mission, hoping and praying and working for miracles, but we as a mission have fallen so short on those goals. We talked about what could be the case of why we aren't achieving these goals, and there can be a lot of reasons, but a conclusion President Fitzgerald brought up was that we are just not worthy of the blessings. We've been having lots of problems with obedience lately, and transitioned to talking about that. We talked a lot about the temple and being worthy of that, and understanding how we can help those in our stewardship. We also had a really good discussion about priesthood. It was one of the first MLCs I left feeling actually spiritually uplifted and so excited for next transfer. Lots to come in the TSAM!!! 

Have a good week !! Seek and expect miracles! 

Sister Roberts

Dinner with bestie Eddie on exchanges with Sister Jensen

Iced winter wonderland !

Exchanges with Sis Downy

Heavenly meal of coconut curry chicken soup with coconut sticky rice and mango for dessert. This is what the Celestial kingdom tastes like.  

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